The Melbury Wood Way



We continue to conduct ourselves by the same values and codes we always have, applying them both internally and externally with recruitment partners and candidates alike. Below is an overview of those values that are described as the ‘four pillars’. Come and join us on our journey whilst we help you with yours.  

The Four Pillars

Knowledge: Knowledge is power. Nothing stands still so we want to ensure our market expertise evolves and that we are proactive in acquiring that knowledge to ensure we are offering the best advice and solutions to our clients problems.

Integrity: Your word is your bond. Be direct and honest, never overstating your competences. 

Meritocracy: Delivering realistic results and outcomes you've agree to in advance for clients and candidates. In our industry that means the best people for the job regardless of their background. 

Responsibility: Responsibility for individual careers and livelihoods is not an issue to be taken lightly or treated like a commodity. Whatever background you hail from we have been fortunate to have the opportunities we have in life. We have a sense of duty and moral obligation to give back to society and we want to ensure a proportion of our personal time and business profits go back into projects supporting our values and helping others that need it.